Dr. Roman Fadeev


Professor Roman A. Fadeev


Positions in Science and Medicine



Doctor of Medical Science (senior research doctoral degree), Professor, Head of the Orthodontics Department of St-Petersburg Institute of Stomatology for Post-Graduate Education


Professor of Pediatric Dentistry Department with a class in Maxillofacial Surgery at First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg


Professor of Dental Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at St-Petersburg State University


Professor of Dentistry Department at Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University


Chairman of the Medical Scientific Society of St-Petersburg Dentists


Chief Consultant on Orthodontics and Gnathology of the Romanovsky Medical center, Saint-Petersburg


Member of Professional Society of Russian Orthodontists


Corresponding Fellow of the International Academy for Integractive Anthropology


Fields of expertise


Professor Fadeev is a well-known name in theoretical and practical aspects of diagnosis and treatment of maxillofacial abnormalities in various groups of patients of different ages.

Roman Fadeev has 26 years of hands-on experience in orthodontics, gnathology and prosthetic dentistry.

As a dental practitioner, Roman Fadeev is one of the most sought-after specialists in orthodontics and gnathology not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Russia 
and beyond, who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of temporo-mandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJD) and masticatory system disorders.

He authored more than 270 publications in Russian and international scientific journals, 1 textbook and is a holder of 23 patented inventions.


Educational History



Senior research doctoral degree Doctor of Medicine for research inModern Methods of Treatment Planning and Prognosis in Adult Patients with Maxillofacial Abnormalities



First PhD in Medicine for his research in Roentgenographic and Cephalometric Analysis of the Distal Occlusion in Adults.



Graduated from First Pavlov State Medical University of St.Petersburg



Activities in Educational, Scientific and Medical Community


From 2006 till March    2014,


Principal of St-Petersburg Institute of Stomatology for Post-Graduate Education (SPb-Instom)

Since 2007

Founder and supervisor of the internship and residency training programs in orthodontics for high-skilled specialists in modern dentistry at SPb-Instom.


Scientific supervisor of 1 thesis of Doctor of Medical Science (senior research doctoral degree), 5 PhDs.

Currently supervising 1 thesis of Doctor of Medical Science (senior research doctoral degree) and 14 PhDs.


Lecturer in Orthodontics, Gnathology and Prosthetic Dentistry 
to practitioners and students both in Russia and beyond.


He pioneered modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of maxillofacial abnormalities in children, adolescences and adults as well as treatment of TMJDs, prosthetic rehabilitation of children and adults


Practicing doctor at the Romanovsky Medical center, Saint-Petersburg


Achievements and Merits in Medical Science


Scientific discovery of the world’s first system for Quantitative Valuation of the Dentomaxillofacial Abnormalities and the Results of Orthodontic Treatment,


First patented in Russia method for Planning and Prognosis of the Results Treatment of Dentoalveolar Abnormalities


Dr. Fadeev is Board Certified in Dentistry, Medical Practitioner of Superior Merit and received II-Degree accolade of Russian Stomatology Association for “The Contribution in Stomatology”


Roman Fadeev is a dental expert at City of St-Petersburg, Department of Healthcare (GUZ). Professor Fadeev is a devoted organizer of international scientific and practical conferences in dentistry


Honorary Member of Belarus Orthodontics Public Association



Contact Details

Dr. Roman Fadeev


Saint-Petersburg, Marata str, 53, Lit. А

Telephones: +7 (812) 612-11-08, +7 (812) 612-11-09

Email: sobol.rf@yandex.ru


Санкт-Петербург, ул. Марата, дом 53, лит. А (вход с Боровой линии, 1-ый этаж)
Телефоны: (812) 612-11-08, (812) 612-11-09, 8 (921) 180-38-83